Monday, September 26, 2016

The Violin

Here are three solo Violins and two Violin Sections as the Sonatina has both.  You should be able to unzip the files into a directory and point your DAW to that directory.

VSCO2 Violin                  Win 64 bit     Win 32 bit     Mac VST     Mac AU
VSCO2 Violin Section      Win 64 bit     Win 32 bit     Mac VST     Mac AU
Creative Commons Zero: Versilian Studios / Sam Gossner

LDK1609 Violin                Win 64 bit     Win 32 bit     Mac VST      Mac AU
Creative Commons Attribution: LDK1609

Sonatina Violins               Win 64 bit     Win 32 bit     Mac VST      Mac AU
Creative Commons Attribution: Mattias Westlund


If you have a computer, you can make music. And it won't cost you anything.

You can use this free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), Tracktion 5.
You can use these free instruments from all over the net, Free Instrument list.
You can use the free instruments I've made using Maize Sampler.

But you don't need a new blog to learn that. The purpose of this blog is to slowly create an instrument by instrument collection of standalone VSTs covering both the orchestra and the band. We will start with the queen of the orchestra, the violin and over time (probably a long time) work through strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion before moving on to the rock band instruments. Eventually we will hopefully have several decent versions of every major western instrument and you can use them to make most any kind of music you desire.